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PRIGMA (プリグマ) AIMINGGRIP for Switch Pro

Grip for SWITCH genuine controller

Product introduction

PRIGMA was born from that thought so that players can enjoy the game more comfortably and seriously.


Thinness of feelings to adjust to your hand nicely


For Japanese people with small hands, we've heard a lot of people say that a silicon cover with a thickness of around 3mm puts a strain on their hands and makes it difficult to play.

PRIGMA is particular about not only materials but also thinness so that Japanese people can enjoy games for a long time without stress.

Please try the power of 1 mm.

Aim at will!


By simply attaching a 1mm sheet, you can comfortably enjoy the detailed operations required for aiming and the operations that require speed.

The gyro force also realizes a very satisfying fit!

5 steps for pasting


How to paste

  1. Stick it from the front while aligning it with the connecting surface of the grip.

  2. Paste slowly along the line on the side

  3. Slowly along the back of the controller as it is

  4. Please paste so that the ends fit snugly around the corner.

  5. done! Experience the 1mm thick grip♪

*The grip is designed to fit the shape of the controller. Do not pull it forcefully and apply it slowly.

Introducing the voice of the buyer!


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