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Cooling fan cooler GLK33-BL (PS4 Pro compatible)


5 silent fans keep cool! Cooling fan for PS4 Pro/Slim/laptop

Product introduction


​Powerful cooling with 5 fans!


Game-dedicated devices such as PS4 and gaming PCs tend to become unstable due to heat generated by the CPU when playing games for a long time, which can interfere with the game. This product has a large fan and four small fans that rotate at a maximum speed of 2100 rpm to cool the game device.

This cooling fan cooler is perfect for those who want to enjoy the game to the fullest.

​WEquipped with cooling and speed adjustment functions


Equipped with a W cooling function that allows the front and rear fans to operate independently so that two stages of operation can be performed according to the heat generation state of the main unit.

​8Step height adjustment function


The key to the cooling fan is the air inflow from the bottom.

This product employs an 8-step stand function according to the placement of the device.

By raising and lowering the stand, it is possible to control the inflow of air and improve the cooling performance.

Large metal panel improves cooling effect


The cooling fan is not just good if the fan rotates at high speed. The combination of point-cooling fans and surface-cooling panels is effective.

The panel of this product adopts a large thick panel with a load capacity of 5 kg.

The large panel supports cooling on the surface while firmly supporting heavy products such as PS4 Pro and gaming notebooks. Cools down the body.


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