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Company Profile

Connecting customers with high-quality products,
Maximize customer motivation from hobbies to lifestyle
We aim to be such a “fun company”.

[Company name] GK Clutch
[Established] September 2017
[Address] 27-39 Minami Otani, Machida City, Tokyo
[Capital] 600,000 yen
[Representative] Ayumu Tamura
[Sales] 36,000,000 yen (results at the time of settlement in February 2019)
[Business description] Planning, development and sales of products for PCs and game consoles

Mission of Clutch LLC (

There are three things we can do for our customers.


1. To provide the most suitable products according to the tastes of our customers.

2. Providing safe and secure services

3. Offer products at reasonable prices


Let customers live a happy life with these 3 things (Can)

That's Clutch's mission.

The official online store of A5, a specialty brand for game peripherals, gadgets, controllers, etc.

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