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PRIGMA Aiming Grip + for PS4


Thin grip for PS4 controller that thoroughly supports "playing seriously"

Product introduction

  • An ultra-thin grip with a thickness of 1 mm that has cushioning properties without changing the operation feeling
  • Three-layer integrated structure that enhances grip
  • Front adhesive sheet to firmly fix the main unit
  • Reliable exchange support even if it fails

​ Ultra-thin structure with a thickness of 1 mm that does not change the operation feeling


Most PS4 controller grips are made of silicon and have a thickness of around 3mm.
Therefore, PRIGMA is not only particular about the quality of the grip, but also the "thinness" so that you can enjoy stress-free play, achieving a thickness of 1 mm.

Realized a feeling of grip that is the same as the usual controller.

Three-layer integrated structure that supports delicate operation


When you play games for a long time, stress builds up due to hand sweat and strain. PRIGMA has adopted three carefully selected materials in a thickness of 1 mm so that even those who enjoy repeated games for a long time can play without stress.
In addition, a strong and easy-to-peel adhesive sheet is used to prevent the body from slipping. Therefore, you don't have to worry about it slipping during play, but it doesn't leave any sticky residue when you remove the grip.

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