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[PS4 heat countermeasures]

Five silent fans cool PS4 steadily! Cooling fan for slim/pro.


[Points of interest]

Powerful cooling with 5 fans, height adjustable in 8 stages, W cooling, speed adjustment function installed, large metal panel improves cooling effect.


[Multi-core control]

A large metal panel greatly improves the cooling effect! Powerful cooling with 5 fans! Simultaneously reproduces "quietness" and "high cooling function".


[8-step adjustment function]

8 levels of height adjustment for easy viewing. The difference is obvious even when compared with other products because the inflow of air can be smoothed.


【Product Details】

Equipped with 5 silent fans. [Contents] Cooler body, product box, anti-slip rubber x 4, USB cable

Cooling fan GLK33-BL for PS4/laptop

Sales Tax Included
  • Product model number: GLK33-BL

    Size: Height 410mm Width 292mm Height 29mm

    Shipping Weight: 990g

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