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[PS4 grip measures]

Thorough support for playing "seriously"! Non-slip grip for PS4 controller


[Points of interest]

The original TPU material fits comfortably in your hand, and the 1mm-thick grip wraps around the controller firmly, preventing it from slipping due to sweat or stress while aiming or playing games.


[Original processing technology]

The Teflon coating that protects breathability while improving water repellency and stain resistance and the non-slip, highly cushioned TPU material protects your hands from fatigue caused by long-term game play.


[Improved aim]

Two aiming rings are included to support fine movement of the analog stick. The middle type aiming kit supports aiming even at high sensitivity settings.


【Product Details】

Teflon processing, original TPU material adopted. "Contents" Controller grip (left and right), product box), replacement warranty included


¥1,980 Regular Price
¥1,584Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Size: Length 120mm Width 92mm Height 10mm

    Weight: 28g

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