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[Improved operability] By extending the stick of the controller, this product is an item that minimizes the burden on your fingers and improves operability with less movement.

【Two Kinds of Sticks】Two different heights. The HIGH type improves the accuracy of aiming and recoil, and the MID type improves the operability of characters. Please use it according to your play style by changing the angle and using it.

[Improved comfort] Based on ergonomics, the SmoothFit structure design and special rubber reduce the burden on your hands and fingers. Improve the operability and comfort of game play.

[Compatible with various controllers] Can be used with various controllers such as the latest Playstation5 controller and PS4.

[Product details] HIGH stick (high): maximum height 13.09mm (height difference 2.23mm) MID stick (medium) height maximum 9.32mm (height difference 1.98mm) * Measured from the top of the controller body stick. Controller stick protection sheet.

Control stick + PS5 PS4 Switch Pro controller compatible

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