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[Thorough support for serious play! ] This product is a mouse pad developed to meet the requirements of FPS/TPS gamers for "precise operation". 450mm wide and 500mm long, the largest XL size running surface. While improving controllability, it eliminates the feeling of instability due to hot and humid environments and arm sweat, supporting long-term stable play.



[Sliding surface] Adopts domestic polyester material with precise and stable weaving. A fabric with a slightly pear-like feel (rough feeling)Smooth start and stopsupport.

[Completely flat] In order to maintain a flat surface without distortion, a unique bonding method is used for the sliding surface, intermediate layer, and base surface. By performing flat surface stabilization after crimpingStable operation and accurate trackingsupport.


[Water resistance] In order to prevent destabilization of the running surface due to hot and humid environments and arm sweat, the running surface is surface-treated,Stable operation even for long hours of playsupport.


[Size] XL size of 450mm long x 500mm wide x 3mm thick covers play around the wrist, arm and elbow, so even low sensitivity players can rest assured. The moderately firm intermediate layer reduces the burden on the hands.


[Zero edge] In order to prevent the edge from being damaged due to friction, we have stitched it with 1/2 the normal thread and twice the process, and we have used our own method to suppress the edge bump. Prevents snagging when the mouse covers the edge,Steady mouse operationsupport.


[Rubber base] Uses natural rubber that provides a firm grip even on slippery desks.
Even with mouse operation that requires force, even on a slippery table such as a wooden top boardSteady playmake it possible.


[Package] Packaged as it is, not the rolled packaging that is common with large mouse pads. at handCondition without winding habit from the day it arrivedAvailable at

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