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Ambassador Program

What is the A5 Ambassador Program?

We are looking for ambassadors who can convey the appeal of A5 products with us.

Ambassador benefits:

①We will provide the desired product free of charge.

②Right to participate in new product tests and monitors (for applicants)

③ For those who are holding distribution events, we will provide A5 products as event prizes (frequency is negotiable)


Recruitment number: about 5 people

Application period:Recruitment has ended. Thank you very much for your application.

Qualification requirements:

① Those who have SNS accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Mildam, etc. and are transmitting about the game

②Those who can regularly post their impressions of A5 products

​ ③ Those who follow the A5 Twitter account (@A5onlinestore)

We are looking forward to participating in the A5 Ambassador Program and making A5 products exciting together.

Apply from the form below

A5 Ambassador Program Application Form

​ *Items marked with * are mandatory.

We will ask about the frequency of transmission on SNS * Please check one
Do you hold video distribution events yourself? *Please check one

1. This program is only for those who live in Japan.
2. We will screen applicants and register those who are selected for this program as A5 Ambassadors.
3. We will not respond to any inquiries regarding the content or results of the screening.
4. As a result of the examination, the successful candidates will be notified by e-mail. No notification will be sent if the application is not selected as a result of the examination.

Thank you for applying to the A5 Ambassador Program! We will inform you about the selection by e-mail after the end of the recruitment. Thank you for your patience.
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